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Up close lavendar field

Our Lady of the Angels Church

Fall 2021

“Where We Honor Divine Mothers”



Chapel Updates

With the loving support of an army of passionate volunteers, the work on the chapel continues. The exterior of the chapel has been painted. Gold and white flow through the details of the facade, while a lively and light lavender and blue dress the walls and the lower portion of the top deck.

The interior spaces have been painted, and allocated for future use. Mostly unfurnished at this point, the more detailed updates within the chapel continue.

  • Chapel Progress 85% 85%

About The Chapel

Located in the beautiful High Country of North Carolina, just a short drive away from downtown Boone, the creation of the chapel concretizes in physical form, a space to honor all aspects of the Divine Mother. Celebrate this loving, and divine blessing amid the peaceful Blue Ridge mountains.

The continued transformation of the original property is an evolving process. And while this naturally unfolds, the chapel will not be open to visitors.

//Welcome statement – can be removed or modified based on how open the chapel is to the public, if at all.
~~~~All Will Be welcome.
We invite all those interested, regardless of age, race, gender, gender expression, ethnicity, education, sexual orientation, economic status~~~~

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